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About Rob

My name is Robert Servranckx, and I live in a quiet suburb north-west of Montreal, Canada, with my wife Johanne. My passions include cooking, cycling, playing acoustic guitar, and a I have a life-long interest in nature and wildlife. This has led me to nature photography.

My photography has been featured in Nature's Best Magazine, National Wildlife Magazine, Yankee Magazine, Photo Life, and many other publications. 

When it comes to nature photography, I am most interested in landscapes, which requires a combination of technical expertise,  precise technique,  an artistic sense of composition, and plenty of patience. It is critically important to master the understanding of exposure, how to get a very sharp image, how to effectively use filters, and combine this with artistry in order to produce visually pleasing images of high quality. I find that I get a great sense of inner peace when I'm out alone, shooting landscapes; I'm forced to slow down, and be deliberate to get the shot. This suits me.

Please enjoy your visit and the pictures I offer. 

I'd like to thank Gustav W. Verderber of Sojourns in Nature for his insights and advice in developing my photography skills over the many years we've been friends. 

If you have any questions, please  do not hesitate to contact me using the Contact Rob link in the top menu.